Construction Workers from “Zakhyst Pratsi” Trade Union Launched a Hunger Strike at Kyiv City Hall, Ukraine



Construction workers from primary branch ‘Hammer and Sickle’ of ‘Zakhyst Pratsi’ Trade Union have occupied the building of Kyiv City Administration this morning and launched an indefinite hunger strike demanding payment of their salaries for the last 4 months.

On 15 March 2013 a group of workers employed at construction of social housing, headed by the leader of primary branch “Hammer and Sickle”, of ‘Zakhyst Pratsi’ Union Vitaly Mahinko, occupied part of the premises of Kyiv City Administration to protest against the non-payment of their salaries. Workers are contracted by the company “Zhitloinvestbud” owned by the Kyiv City Administration.

Workers announced the beginning of an indefinite hunger strike, which they intend to continue until the city authorities pay the salaries owed for the last 4 months. The total debt of the city before these workers is close to 400,000 hryvnias ($ 50,000).

“20 workers have not been paid for 4 months. That’s why we came to the Kiev city administration. Without the salaries, we will not go away. The workers are unable to support their families anymore and they have no choice. Apart from salaries, the City owes money for materials to finish construction of social housing so teachers and doctors can’t move in.”, said Mahinko.

As of the moment, the city authorities are feigning negotiations with the workers, whilst trying to push them out of the building. As the occupied area is off the light, the protesters cannot recharge their cell phones, – their only means of communication with the world outside. Officials have also blocked the WCs, denying the protesters the possibility to meet their natural needs.

At the moment City authorities try to push workers out of the building with the help of police.



  1. WorkersGovernmen t on

    What “gifts” capitalism does bring. What traitors the CCCP bureaucrats were allowing the rip-off of more public wealth then in the history of humanity. Victory to “Hammer and Sickle” primary branch workers of “Zakhhyst Pratsi’ Trade Union. They deserve and need the support of all Kiev workers and some support strikes would do the trick.

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